wanda b

founder of ahonui pathways / lead facilitator, guide, & healer 

[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”410″ alt=”Wanda B. Ahonui” align=”left” effect=”none” autoHeight=”true”]A dedicated student since 1993 of the internal styles of Chinese martial arts, Wanda’s pathway to advancement began as an apprentice under her martial arts instructor Tom Bisio, a world-renowned martial artist and Chinese medical practitioner who heads a busy clinic in New York City. She continued her apprenticeship while building her own practices in New York and Connecticut after graduating in 2007 from New York’s Touro College with an MA in Traditional Chinese Medicine and a BA in Bio-Sciences.

During her training, Wanda completed several clinical work experiences at Lutheran Hospital in Brooklyn, including palliative care for oncology patients, treating patients undergoing orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation, and working within the labor and delivery unit. She then traveled to China where she treated a multitude of diseases and volunteered at a non-profit organization focused on bringing medical services to remote villages throughout the world. 

In 2010, always a lifelong lover of the beautiful string of islands in the Pacific, Wanda answered her soul’s desire to create a life for herself in Hawaii. Wanda formed Ahonui Pathways with the goal of helping those on the path of exploration, healing and self actualization.  Wanda’s role varies to support the many paths her company offers. Whether guiding people to exotic and mystical island locations, customizing a private journey, leading wild dolphin swims, offering a private healing session in person or from afar, connecting people to her vast network of healers or engaging in a tribal ceremony, Wanda enjoys creating specialized spiritual experiences for all.

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