why ahonui

The meaning behind the name…

At the heart of everything we do shines brightly the Aloha Spirit!

“Ahonui” (ah-ho newee) represents the last letter in the common Hawaiian greeting, “Aloha.” In the Hawaiian culture, “Aloha” is in fact a Spiritual Law comprising a set of character traits that express the charm, warmth, and sincerity of the Hawaiian people. The Aloha Spirit aligns the mind with the heart, promoting greater personal coherence and receptiveness to our heart’s intuitive intelligence. As a result, we expand our awareness of Self and elevate our capacity to relate with others and our world with greater harmony and flow.

“Ahonui” means patience with perseverance and can be translated as the “many breaths” needed to keep us moving towards our aspirations and healings until they are attained. At Ahonui Pathways our goal is to provide you with all the guidance, healing, and encouragement necessary to inspire the “many breaths” needed for your unique and life-changing Ahonui experience.