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Established in 2003, Ahonui Healing was the primary outlet for founder, Wanda B. Ahonui to share her extensive Chinese medicine training, medical intuitive gifts, and inspirational life coaching skills. It soon became a thriving holistic healing practice with a strong and loyal client base in New York, Connecticut, and Hawaii.

Over the years Ahonui Healing added many new pathways to assist individuals around the world align with their inner compass for a healthier and more fulfilling life.

[one_half]Wanda founded Ahonui Pathways to bring distinction between her progressive works. In addition to healing, Ahonui Pathways offers spiritual journeys, wellness immersions, and sacred indigenous ceremonies to bring you a variety of transformational experiences, each beginning with an intuitive consultation with Wanda.

Discover the infinite possibilities that await you. Follow the pathway that appeals most to you…and set your life-changing intentions in motion today!

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