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[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”389″ alt=”Ahonui Tribal” align=”left” icon=”zoom” autoHeight=”true”] Welcome to Ahonui Tribal!

As you can see, our Tribe keeps growing…

If you are looking for something new to do, something that will give inner inspiration, and connect you to your creative side, to bring you closer to the fundamental elements of this beautiful land we live on, come to one of our Tribal events and see what people are talking about…

This rediscovered art gracefully guides us to the peace of less self judgement. Ahonui Tribal facilitates a safe haven for self-reflection in communion with others where nature, empowerment and wellness are discovered through sacred ceremony.

To learn more about Ahonui Tribal watch the video below:

Ahonui Tribal offers the following ceremonies:

Tribal Kauai – our original, Women’s-only ceremonial gathering

Tribal Kauai is our original ceremonial gathering for women. Ceremony is offered in a safe, secluded environment where the element of clay and the support of sisters are used as a foundation for helping to free our body and spirit. Tribal Kauai helps women to feel more acceptance, compassion, love, and joy; recognition of our greatness lying outside of these vessels we carry.

It is the imprints of our experience that bind us. We hold our breath, we censor our expression, we clothe our fears, and we hide. Discover more of your life! Celebrate the human triumph of freedom…glorious experiences that make the heart sing! Journey home to the sacred-self through the ancient rite of clay painting. Discover more of your life! Join our Tribe today…

Ahonui Tribal hopes to bring Tribal Clay Ceremonial Retreats worldwide. Ahonui Tribal welcomes you to join our ever growing tribe though one of our many gatherings. Whether you are a woman, a man, a couple, a mom, a dad, a child, a wild-spirit-at-heart, a timid person inside, Ahonui Tribal will help you to return within and connect to what is truly sacred to yourself. Join today! Please check out our Calendar / Upcoming Events section to learn more.

(*All of our Facilitators and Photographers are Ahonui Pathways Certified. For anyone interested in becoming Certified, please contact Wanda at inquire@ahonuipathways.com)


For more information, please call 808-212-6021 or email