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empower your life…

Are you living a life you love? Would you like to empower yourself and your life for greater health and contentment? 

Ahonui Retreats offer individuals an accelerated pathway to empowerment, providing an essential opportunity to unplug from distraction overload, reconnect with your Divine inner guidance, and come home to your truth. Ahonui Retreats are offered three ways: CUSTOMIZED RETREATS – offered in Kauai PRE-PACKAGED RETREATS – offered in Kauai and Beyond HONEY-MOON PACKAGES – offered on the island of Kauai Travel to an exotic location; participate in interactive awakening workshops; identify and release the blockages that sabotage you; bring to light your true calling; learn to master your physical, mental, and spiritual self through the Ahonui-exclusive practice of Ahonui Internal Arts; tour local sacred sites; attend a sacred Ahonui Tribal ceremony; take advantage of personal time for reflection and self-discovery; gain empowering life skills that are easy to integrate into your daily routine; enjoy local organic cuisine, and so many more revitalizing experiences… For more information on our Ahonui Retreats, please call 808-212-6021 or email inquire@ahonuipathways.com.