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journey with heart and soul…

Step out into vibrant nature with
Ahonui Adventures for an ultimate heart and soul experience! Set aside your worries and redirect your focus to the power of the present moment. As you attune to your surroundings you will naturally tune in to your heart center, awakening a powerful soul connection. As your self-awareness amplifies, new insights about your Self and your life will surface. This pathway to clarity helps you discern what you leave behind and what you bring forward with you to support greater ease, self-love, and authentic joy for your life journey.

Full and half day itineraries are available for groups, couples, and individuals either in a group or one-on-one setting. Adventures are customized to meet participants’ needs and can be taken anywhere in the world.

For more information and to schedule an Ahonui Adventure, please call 808-212-6021 or email inquire@ahonuipathways.com.


While staying on Kauai, participants are encouraged to choose from a variety of outdoor activities. Engaging in outdoor adventures can be an enjoyable and fun way to connect one’s self to nature. All can be booked through Ahonui Healing, or on your own.

Some activities include: Backpacking, Biking, Coastal Hiking, Deep Sea Fishing, Fly fishing, Hawaiian Catamaran Sailing, Hiking, Jet Ski Surfing, Kayaking, Sacred Sites Tour, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddle boarding, Stream and River Hiking, Surfing, Walking, Waterfall Hiking, and Whale Watching. Additional activities are also available.

Below is a more detailed description of some of our Exclusive Adventure Journeys:

This guided adventurous hike is recommended only for those who thrive on adrenaline! Take part in hiking to one of the most beautiful forests in the world, passing through lush swamp lands, switchbacks, as well as high and low valleys. Your destination is a mesmerizing platform overlook, 4,000 feet above the North Shore of Kauai. Camera, hiking attire and hiking boots or cross training shoes are required. Backpacks, water and energy bars can be provided.

This guided adventurous tour is perfect for those interested in hiking diverse terrain that includes trekking to the top of a cliff overlooking the coast, to walking in virgin sandy dune trails, and travelling past sacred heiaus and caves. Enjoy ever changing coastal sites of Kauai, including some of the most picturesque views of the “garden island.” A camera is a must! Discover locations where movies such as “Six Days, Seven Nights” and “Jurassic Park” were filmed. Take part in an archeological site hosting Hawaiian petroglyphs and artifacts from ancient Hawaiian times. Learn the history of the coastline as you take a swim on a secluded beach. Hiking packs, water and energy bars can be provided.

Stream and River Hiking
Trail and stream hiking are more challenging hikes that require special “water shoes” with felt bottoms to prevent slipping on the river rocks. Through this type of hike, lush, tropical forest with heavy, thick hao bush, jungle vines and plants, hidden sacred springs, beautiful majestic water falls, swimming holes, and natural elements are viewed and experienced.

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Kayaking / Hiking Combo Adventure ½ day or Full Day
This hafl day tour leads you up river, paddling your own kayak, disembarking at a tropical river bank that continues with a journey on foot. Following a one mile hike, you are guided through a lush, tropical forest to a secret waterfall. Enjoy swimming, climbing, play and relaxation before having a bite to eat. Afte the crowds have thinned, you may be guided to another area within the jungle for more exploration. Upon returning your kayak(s), venture more to see a hidden cave and historic Hawaiian village.

An expert guided snorkeling tour great for the whole family, fit for all levels of snorkelers. This adventure takes you to one of the many, pristine snorkeling spots found only on Kauai. Be prepared to be mesmerized as you touch and feel the many sea critters in the water, feed the fish, and best of all, learn how to find and swim with the Honu (turtles). Easy entry and exit into the water. Snorkel gear, fish food, cold drinks and snacks included.

(Underwater photographer available for an additional cost.)

This Surf excursion, guided by one of Kauai’s Pro-surfers is ideal for the intermediate to expert surfer. Enjoy a scenic drive in search of the best surfing spots on Kauai, some of which are only accessible by crossing 4 x 4 terrains. Experience the privilege of surfing secluded waters while learning all about the break from your Kauai pro. Cold drinks and snacks provided.

(A photographer can be provided at an additional cost. Surf Board rental available.)

The surf excursion is the same as the half day but with two surf sessions. You may be relocated to possibly different spots depending on coast/surf conditions. Bring your sunscreen! There are surf board rentals available. Cold drinks and lunch are provided.

For intermediate to advance surfers, take a guided Jet Ski Surf adventure with a Kauai professional surfer. Pick up at the your b&b, cottage or hotel, with jet ski in tow. Drive out to the local boat harbor, load all gear and surfboards on to the jet ski and it’s off to search for waves only accessible by jet ski or boat. At your destination, surf and enjoy, un-crowded waves, all while learning the break from your Kauai pro. A photographer can be provided at an additional cost. Cold drinks and snacks provided.

Same surf excursion as the half day, but with two surf sessions, possibly at different sports depending on the conditions. Bring your sunscreen!!!

A beach get-a-way, where you can relax and un-wind at one of Kauai’s most beautiful beaches, only accessible by four wheel drive. Enjoy the beach to yourself, lay in the sun, hunt for shells, swim, snorkel or just sit in a beach chair and read a book. Cold drinks, snacks and all beach gear provided. Pick up at b&b, cottage or hotel.

Same beach excursion as the half day, but all day. Cold drinks, snacks, lunch and all beach gear provided.

This is the ultimate in Kauai experiences!!! Afternoon pick up from b&b, cottage, or hotel in an air conditioned, all terrain, four wheel drive truck. Head out to one of Kauai’s most beautiful beaches only accessible by four wheel drive. Arrive at the beach and enjoy swimming, hunting for shells or just relaxing with an ice cold drink in the sand. Then it’s a local-style barbecue feast on the beach, while watching the sunset dip down in the ocean. Look for the “green flash” and have your camera ready! Beach gear, food, drinks all provided.

Sacred Sites Tour – ½ Day
In the Sacred Sites Tour, you will learn the ancient history of the island and the sacred aspects of the Hawaiian culture. Your tour will include a visit to three sacred Heiaus: Hikina Akala, Holoholoku which also includes Pohakupiki (royal birthing stone), and Poliahu Heiau. In addition to touring the sacred sites you will be going to Opaeka’s Falls/Wailua river and to the Hindu Temple/Sacred Forest. You will be asked to pack a light lunch which your guide will keep for you in a cooler, and you will picnic next to a mountain stream that flows from the island’s sacred mountain, Wai’ale’ale. To top off the day, your guide will offer local sample of organic seasonal fruit.

Sacred Sites Tour – Full Day
This tour is the same as half day tour with it being up to an 8 hour journey along with the meeting of a Hawaiian Kahuna (a Hawaiian Shamanistic Healer).

Hawaiian Catamaran / Canoe Cruise
Enjoy a two hour sail upon a local, Hawaiian hand-made catamaran, disembarking from the beautiful picturesque waters of Hanalei Bay. Morning cruise includes snorkeling while late day cruise is done as part of a sunset tour where you may bring champagne to toast the beauty bestowed before your eyes by the ever changing skies.

For more information on our Ahonui Adventures, please call 808-212-6021 or email inquire@ahonuipathways.com.