Wanda's Personal Journey

As a little girl, I already knew I was meant to live in Hawaii even though I had never been. In my early 20s, I came to Kauai for the first time and as I stepped from the plane, I knew I was home. I left after spending one week exploring as much of the island as possible, knowing I would return one day to live permanently. As time passed, I developed my healing skills and in 2003, Ahonui Healing was established with the intention of sharing my background in Traditional Chinese Medicine which soon led to four healing practices between Connecticut and NYC. In 2010, I received signs that it was time to return to Kauai.

After a short visit back to Kauai, many more confirmations surfaced and I decided to finally move home. As life would have it, prior to closing my wellness practices, I was involved in a major car accident. This delayed my move and my ability to work. While recuperating in Kauai, working with alternative spiritual healers and spending much time in nature I came to realize my accident was actually a true blessing. It created a space for which my own healing allowed me to clear so many layers that my abilities as a healer evolved from that of a sports medicine acupuncturist and internal martial artist to that of a highly intuitive healer. By 2011, I started to offer distant healing sessions for my patients on the mainland. At the same time, I dreamt of other healing ways and began working with elements on a deeper level utilizing crystals and clay.

During that same year, Ahonui Tribal was formed after a dream I had about indigenous clay ceremonies. The dream showed how clay could be used as a way of connecting within and allowing its properties to pull out things that no longer supported a person’s higher purpose. This evolved from women’s-only tribal ceremonies, to couple’s ceremony, children’s ceremony and then to family drum and dance events. Men’s tribal ceremony is our newest focus.

When my patients kept asking me when I would be planning to move back to the mainland, I didn’t know how to respond as I had no intention of returning. I meditated and came to the realization that they could benefit from all I had experienced so, I invited them to Kauai to enjoy healing by way of adventurous retreats. This allowed Ahonui Healing to expand to Ahonui Adventures and Healing, which included Ahonui Tribal ceremonies. The additional paths were created to assist anyone to align with their inner compass for a healthier and more fulfilling life. Naturally, this led to Ahonui Pathways forming in 2013.

Today, Ahonui Pathways has grown to create and offer a sacred, loving environment for anyone looking to reconnect, expand, heal or simply have fun and explore nature and self. I am truly honored to be part of each person’s journey. I could not be where I am today without the assistance of All that Is. I am truly thankful for life and all it has to offer.
Thank you for taking time to stop by. For anyone wishing to learn more about Ahonui Pathways and how our offerings may assist you on your current journey, please request an initial complimentary phone consultation. After the call, when you are ready to move forward, you will receive an application to begin your customized journey.”