Chinese Medical & Sports Medicine Massage ~ Zheng Gu Tui Na
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Zheng means to correct. Gu means the bone. Tui means to push. Na means to grasp.

Zheng Gu Tui Na, an extremely beneficial Chinese medical massage and independent healing system founded by Tom Bisio and Frank Butler, combines the typical Chinese Medical Massage of Tui Na, “pushing and grasping,” with the ancient art form of Zheng Gu, “bone setting,” thus making it a highly effective treatment when dealing with orthopaedic conditions, structural misalignments, sports injuries, and internal (visceral) diseases.

Zheng Gu Tui Na, when used in conjunction with Chinese Herbal Medicine, Martial Arts, Diet, and Qigong, can amplify healing potential to significant proportions.[/three_fourth_last]

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