Chinese Herbal Therapies
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[image source_type=”attachment_id” source_value=”608″ alt=”Chinese Herbal Therapies” width=”145″ autoHeight=”true”][/one_fourth][three_fourth_last]Herbal therapies are an effective way to strengthen a person’s general state of health and can be taken internally as a pill, powder, or tincture, and as a decocted tea. They may also be applied as a poultice for a sprain, bruise, or fracture.

Chinese medicinal herbs consist of a combination of twigs, roots, flowers, leaves, stems, crystals, shells, and other herbs, that have been formulated specifically for the individual. They are most commonly decocted as an herbal tea and taken for a given period of time to address the individual’s symptoms, pain, root cause of the ailment, or simply to help open channels and unblock pathways while calming the mind. Chinese herbal therapies are also taken to support the overall functioning of a person’s organs. As organ function improves, a new or adjusted formula may be given until overall balance is achieved.

There are many conditions that are treated effectively by Chinese medicinal herbs, including but not limited to: allergies; cardiovascular; colds and flus; diabetes; digestive; gynaecological; injuries; insomnia; respiratory; stress; traumas; weight loss; emotional well-being, and more.

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