Aloha, E Komo Mai…

Hello and welcome to my new blog, and website, where I invite you to join me for some good ol’ fashioned wala’au ~ Hawaiian for “talk story,” stories that will hopefully inspire personal expansion and positive change!

I feel energized with the prospects of rejuvenation and transformation a new year often brings. This year I look forward to establishing an online presence where I can share the many healing experiences I have encountered along my personal and professional journeys…healing experiences that have effected healthier and more joyful existences for those involved.

As an intuitive medic, licensed acupuncturist, and qigong/internal martial arts instructor, I am passionate about living my healthiest and happiest life and am equally driven to assist others to achieve the same.

I travel the world to collaborate with other professionals who offer unique healing gifts, initiating innovative approaches to wellness through events, adventures, and retreats that frequently incorporate sacred indigenous traditions and allow individuals and groups to commune with nature, deepen their connection with Self, and gain clarity into their life direction. The roads less traveled may be diverse, but they can be a whole lot of fun too!

So, I hope you will stay tuned as I discuss personal accounts and intuitive insights while on my pathway to fulfilling my life’s dream…developing a global network of healing arts that enables more people easier access to greater health, peace, and joy.

Wishing you many blessings and Hau’oli Makahiki Hou! (Happy New Year!)